Make Windows 10 Look Like Mac – iOS Dock for Windows

Windows 10 dock like Mac

Would it be great if you could Make Windows 10 look like Mac. You can, and I will immediately show you how.

We can all argue about what is better Mac or Windows, but that is a personal choice. If you choose to have Mac or Windows you have your own reasons. In case you have Windows and you would like to have Mac Dock on your Widows 10, this post is just for you.

For me both OS’s have Pros and Cons. I love Mac style dock, but I also love Windows.

I’m working as graphic and web designer, and I need to have everything on my desktop. I hate to minimize one software to open another one, so this makes my life easier. Now I can just hover over one side of my screen and have all software and URL shortcuts  that I need so I don’t have to search for them elsewhere.

This also works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

So, with that being said, I was researching ways to install Mac style dock on my Windows 10.

And after some time I found one software called RocketDock. This software will allow you to install Dock on Windows 10, Rocketdock also have a lot of functionality options, and it is FREE.

So if you are just like me, searching for ways to make your Windows Interface more like Mac you are on right place.

If you want to make this on your Windows 10, keep reading.


Here is step by step process.

1. Download and Install RocketDock

Rocketdock is free software. You can install it like every other software on your Windows 10.


After installation is finished open (double-click) Rocketdock. After you open it, here are some options I recommend you to modify.

This is default Dock style that you will see on your Desktop after Rocketdock is opened.


2. Setup Rocketdock

After installing,  open it and hover over Dock. To Setup you have to right click and choose option Dock Setting (Image Above).

General Dock Settings

First thing you should do is set up Language.

Default language is of course English. But they have a lot of other languages on their list.

Other very important option is Run at Startup. Check this option so you have this in your startup app list, and also you want this checked so you don’t run this manually every time you start your PC.

Here you can see general dock settings.


Dock Icons Settings and How to insert Icon in Dock on Windows

Now in this Icons settings you will get some default icons, but you can also include your own icons.

Download and Import Icons in Windows 10 Dock

Now I want you to go to FlatIcons or Icon Archive or you can go to Google, switch to image results, and search for specific icon (Facebook Icon, Gmail Icon…).

Download all icons you need.

After you finish downloading All icons you need,

open My Computer >> Local Disc >> Program Files (x86) >> RocketDock >> Icon Folder

After you have successfully located RocketDock Icon Folder, move all Icons you’ve downloaded to this folder.

Create new icon in Windows 10 Dock ( Shortcut Icon for Software)

Right click on clear space between icons >> Add Items >> Blank Icon (As shown on image below)



Now You need to Specify Icon functionality and settings. And to do that, you need to open Icon Settings (Check Image Below).

Right Click on “?” blank icon and choose Icon Settings…


When new Item window opens up choose icon for your specific software shortcut.

1. Name your icon. This name will show like web image captions when you hover over your icon in dock.

2. Very important step is to specify Target.

Important: We are now making Shortcut Icon for software we have installed on our PC.

Click on “…” you can also see this at the end of Target Line. In this example I want to open Photoshop from my Windows 10 Mac style Dock. I’m going to find Google Chrome in Program Files, witch I would normally use to open Software (in this case Google Chrome). (C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe)


Leave other settings as default and Click OK.

Do this process for all installed programs you want.


Create new icon in Windows 10 Dock ( Shortcut Icon for Custom URL)

Same as  for Software,  you have ability to open specific Website from our Windows Dock, here is how you can add Custom Url Shortcut Link in Dock.

First thing you need to do is to create shortcut on our Windows 10 Desktop.

Right Click anywhere on desktop navigate to NEW and select “Shortcut”. New window will pop up, type Custom URL you want (example:

Now Move your new shortcut inside your dock, like you would move any icon on Windows Desktop (Click, Hold and Drag).

After you have successfully placed your new Custom URL shortcut inside Windows Dock, Right Click on it and select Icon Settings.

Only thing left for you to do is to change icon for your specific URL.

Do this steps for other Icons you want in your Windows Dock, after you fill up your dock and you’re good with it, it is time to style our icons. See Example image Below.

Example icons settings

Here are Icons settings that I used to make Windows 10 Mac Style Dock from image above.



Dock Position Settings

RocketDock have 4 main positions like Windows 10 taskbar (Top, Right, Bottom and Left). Pick one you want, there is few more options you might want to edit. Here is iOS Dock for Windows Position Settings.



Dock Style Settings

When it comes to Dock style on our Windows 10, Rocketdock included some themes for us. Of course community have created some extra theme that can be downloaded on RocketDock Skins.

There are 940 pages of skins and themes for RockeDock Windows 10 Dock here.

Some Examples

Example 1: Energy Skin


Example 2: Full Apple Pack


Example 3: Mac


How to install New RocketDock Skin on Windows 10

Simply download skin you like from link posted in previous section, after download is finished, unzip the file.

You will have folder with that you need to Copy and Paste.

Copy or Cut the new skin folder, go to RocketDock in Program Files. Past it in Skin Folder.

After you complete all this steps successfully, right click on dock, choose Dock Settings, select Style Settings, inside themes drop-down, you can find new theme that you pasted in skins folder.

Dock Behavior Settings

One option left, Behavior style and functions. Here you can style animation type, auto-hide and delay settings.

Windows 10 Dock behavior settings used in example:



3. Play with it

You can open dock settings and play around to find perfect solution for your desktop. You can change behavior, auto-hide, position and other things like Zoom on Hoover Speed and Delay on auto-hide.

4. Addons

Community around RocketDock created a lot of free stuff for users like you and me. We can download all of them for FREE on official RocketDock website.

Cool things you can download:

  • Icons
  • Skins
  • Docklets
  • Wallpapers
  • Misc

5. Questions You Might Have

How to add separator lines between the icons?

It is simple. Navigate between Icons you want to add separator line >> Right Click >> Add Item >> Separator

Is it safe to download and use?

I have been using Rocketdock on my Windows 10 for almost 2 years and I can tell you guys, I never had any problem with it. Not single on problem. And of course no viruses or something like that. And by the way, I would never recommend you installing something suspicious especially on my Website Blog.

How do I disable task bar after installing RocketDock?

Windows 10 taskbar can not be disabled, but we have other option to make this works perfectly.

Navigate to taskbar on your Windows 10 >> Right Click >> Settings.

Taskbar settings window will pop up, find option “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”, simple click to turn this option ON. Now you will have crystal clear windows desktop.

How to uninstall RocketDock?

As you would uninstall any other software from your Windows 10.

Find Apps and Features in Windows 10 settings >> Find RockeDock >> Click Uninstall


There you have it, perfect way to make Windows 10 look like Mac. Maybe you waned to have Mac instead of Windws, at least this can make you have very beautiful Mac peace and functionality on your Windows.

I hope this can make your life (when you are on your PC) little easier. I would appreciate if you could share this post with your friends.


Watch Our Video Tutorial On YouTube.

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